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Jan 21, 2016

The Cooligans are angry this week. Much more than usual. We are normally very chill dudes, but Everton has caused Christian to feel every range of emotion that he might be clinically bipolar by now. For Christian, this is his first season supporting a team in the Premier League, and he expected to have a fun time supporting a soccer team instead of what is currently happening, which is him being taken on an emotional journey more tumultuous than The Notebook.

I: Christian rants about Everton
BREAK 1: @RapidsRabbi gives us a Colorado Rapids update
II: Alexis rants about Jordan Morris
BREAK 2: Greg Orlandini @GFO1025 Philly Union update
III: Kirby reads the news! Ramsey is killing everyone but Javier Mascherano is going to jail.

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