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Apr 11, 2018

This episode might legitimately be our craziest. Packed with soccer teams partnering dating apps, Red Bull fans getting mad at us, Red Bull fans being insanely kind to us, and us trying to figure out the dark arts of Dom Dwyer.

Today we are joined by Daniel Got Hits. Daniel is a soccer freestyler and also a freestyler freestyler, like the rap kind! Daniel is a unique figure in the soccer world as he came up doing incredible tricks with a soccer a ball and now he's been dropping bars the last few years. We talk to him about his new album, America's Favorite White Boy available now on Spotify and wherever you get your music!

Segment 1: We finally discuss Platano Phone and all of its glory.

Segment 2: Interview with Daniel Got Hits (@DanielGotHits)

Segment 3: MLS & CONCACAF Champions League Recap!

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