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Jan 28, 2016

I: Alexis shows Christian red for bringing up Arsenal loss
BREAK: Jose Mourinho reads his 6 page letter to Manchester United
II: Qatar You Talkin Bout?
BREAK: Jose finishes his letter
III: Kirby's Corner: BEEF!!!

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Jan 21, 2016

The Cooligans are angry this week. Much more than usual. We are normally very chill dudes, but Everton has caused Christian to feel every range of emotion that he might be clinically bipolar by now. For Christian, this is his first season supporting a team in the Premier League, and he expected to have a fun time...

Jan 14, 2016

The Ballon D'or has been awarded to Lionel Messi again. It is the 5th time he's won the award and it is the first time The Cooligans have debated how the word "Gala" is pronounced. Lots of controversy has been surrounding the women's game after comments about how women's soccer should be marketed.

I: Messi Wins & Carli...

Jan 7, 2016

It appears that no managerial job is safe when you work for Real Madrid. Rafa Benitez has been sacked by the club. Holding the position for only 7 months. The Cooligans have been around for 7 months as well. Can we last longer than Rafa? We hope so!

I: Rafa Benitez replaced by Zizou
II: Premier League Update /...